Welcome to stand E78, we are a group of artists based in Scandinavia.
Below are links and even further down are videos.

For general questions contact: lovekjellsson@gmail.com or +46733749467
or maltezebergmusic@gmail.com +46761645313

Hialøsa – Traditional, disruptive and honest, developing Scaninan traditional music.
Trolska Polska – With riveting melodies and contagious energy, Trolska Polska pulls you into a mesmerizing world full of funny, grim, big and small characters from the nordic fairytales and mythology.
Knekke Greine – Interactive site specific forest circus.
Floating Sofa Quartet – Handmade modern Nordic folk music from Denmark, Sweden and Finland.
Moaivi – Duo exploring meeting of Sami music and Scanian music. Traditional & experimental.
Plast – Exploratory circus performance interwoven with live music. Aerial acrobatics, hair hanging and ice.
Nesa i Jorda – A puzzling circus and music performance about the secrets of the forest.
Aeldre – Circus dance and Scandinavian traditional music playing in and around a big tree.