Nesa i Jorda – performers

Mari Dahl Stoknes
Rope and hair suspension artist, educated at Lido (FR) and AFUK (DK). Residing in Oslo and founder of KompaniTO, Merge Norway – Performing Arts Festival for New Circus, Naga Collective and Tractor Circus Project.

Karoline Aamås
Rope and hair suspension artist, educated at DOCH (SE) & AFUK (DK). Residing in Stockholm and has several projects in the performing arts collaborated with ENT Management. Has worked with, among others, Tanter (DK), The Little Mechanical Flea Circus (NO), Cirkus Xanti (NO), Cirko Aero (FI), Cirkus Cirkör (SE) and Frikar (NO)

Love Kjellsson
Musician based in Scandinavian, traditional music, educated at Stockholm Dramatic University and Malung’s Folk Music School. Lives in Stockholm and plays in the bands Moaivi and Barnet. Composes music for children’s performances with Teater Tre and works with the European research project Mapping which deals with sound and music in children’s theater.

Photos by: Troels Rosenkrantz Fuglsang