Aeldre – artists

Mira Leonard Swedish circus artist, aerial acrobat. Educated with a BA in circus from the University of Dance and Circus in Stockholm (SKH), has worked internationally as an aerial acrobat since 2009, with companies such as Cirkus Cirkör (SE), Cirk La Putyka (CZ) and Un Loup Pour L’homme (FR). Specialized in duo trapeze, hand to hand and icarian games.

Daniel Jeremiah Persson Scanian dancer and choreographer trained from London Contemporary Dance School. Particularly interested in Release-based, GAGA, Floorwork and physical theater as well as contact improvisation and somatically based techniques (Alexander, Feldenkrais).

Has worked internationally as a dancer since 2014, with choreographers such as Esmeralda Ahlqvist, Khamlane Halsackda, Graham Adey, Martin Forsberg. Has choreographed: Q21, 100% (work-in-progress), S’ala Sassari, When the Curtain’s Up, pt1., Dans Safari (Nya Rörelsen)

Artist Love Kjellsson, pressbild, 2021

Love Aamås Kjellsson Scanian Traditional musician and composer. Specialized in singing, fiddle, synthesisers and effects. Having played electrical guitar and drum machines in indie-pop/rock groups as well as carrying on the traditional music of Scania Love has broad range of musical references and skills. A multidisciplinary master degree from University of Arts in Stockholm, specialized in artistic self reflection has deepened his understanding of creative processes and communication through art.


Karoline Aamås Norwegian circus artist, aerial acrobat. Educated with a BA in circus from the university of Dance and Circus in Stockholm, in Performing Arts and Landscape – Stockholm Dramatic University, and in circus and performing arts from AFUK in Copenhagen. Has worked internationally as an aerial acrobat since 2011, with companies such as Cirkus Cirkör (SE), Cirkus Xanti (NO), Frikar (NO), Cirko Aero (FI), Tanter (DK), Långsjö Teater (SE), Lotte Mueller (DE) . Specialized in vertical rope and hair-suspension.

Karoline Aamås

Ester Thunander Scanian traditional and improvisational musician.
Plays violin, vocal and flute. She is educated in the folk music department at the Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo with exchanges at the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm and the University College of Southeast Norway in Rauland. Her main genre is folk music but she moves in different musical landscapes of folk music, new composition, baroque and free improvisation.