Hialøsa – artistic vision

Drawing upon influences from local masters and international inspirations we aim to look behind how the traditions are interpreted today and search longingly for something that maybe never existed.

We work with a mythical perspective and draw inspiration from the mighty history of our home region of Scania. Scania is the English name for Skåne, a region which lost its independence about 700 years ago. Currently ruled by Sweden, many people in Scania dream about the golden ages of independence. When the grass was a bit greener and the thoughts free. Scania has a long tradition of agriculture, fishery, science and piracy. Famous were the horse people of Sösdala, tall and proud were the farmers of the plains, and widely known were the stewards of the Holy River. Sadly the high culture of Scania declined after a series of brutal wars and oppressive colonisation. Today the Scanian language is considered endangered by UNESCO. Searching in the remnants of this once glorious culture, Hialøsa is recreating and reformulating traditional music with a disruptive approach. 

By combining a national romantic way of thinking with a critical approach to history we aim to highlight and create new understandings of our positions and approaches to european folklorical esthetics.

Early presentation of the project