Plast began as a research project by M.A Hege Eriksdatter Østefjells.
Hyphae Soma can be presented as a site specific interactive experience.
This site presents the idea and the project.

To complete the work, Hege invited Finnish contemporary circus pioneer Ilona Jäntti as mentor, rope artist Karoline Aamås and musician Love Kjellsson. Plast is a performative stage version developed on the foundations of Hyphae Soma.

In my project and research I look at three main systems to challenge a circus performance setting and the relationship, communication and status we hold in the shared space. 

#1: The symbiotic relationship between the roots of the trees and the mycorrhizal fungi system. Its slow movement, wide stretched network right underneath our feet, its equal and status free relationship and rich communication. 

#2: The iceberg theory in a circus performance setting- the balance between what is apparent and non-apparent and by raising awareness to the non-apparent being able to enhance and change how we perceive something.

#3: Experience design – a design in which the audience find themselves an extended part and immersed in the performance itself. A design where the culminations of multiple micro-moments create a sense of communitas and shared experience in a room of objects, sound and each other.

How do you relate to the space and the people with whom you share the space? Do you see them? Will your experience in the space change if you do?

In Hypae Soma I look for the moments in which the suspension of silence and the slow communicates at its strongest. How we relate to and communicate in a space of objects and each other. To extend the micro moments in which we allow to see each other, the moments in which the nuanced communication starts to takes place. 


In experience design in a shared space of people, objects and sound. The space is set for you to walk around and watch the live installation as well as the space itself. 

Hypae Soma brings your focus to the micro-movements and the silence in which communication speaks the clearest.  A culmination of moments that brings us closer and towards a sense of sharing and communitas. 

Hyphae Soma – performed in Cirkör LAB, 2018

On stage: Hege Eriksdatter Østefjells, Karoline Aamås, Love Kjellsson

Colleagues/Collaborators: Ilona Jäntti

Duration:  Approximately 40 mins

Audience: can be adjusted for different audiences, depending on space and conditions.

Space: Black Box or similar. Can be adjusted to different spaces. Needs rigging points for aerials.