ENT – artistic vision

We believe that art is for everyone, because of this, we create performances that touches the audience regardless of age or cultural background. Searching for sustainable and effective ways of re-interpreting the artforms of music and circus. We offer new types of dramaturgy, always explorative, but never confrontational.

Traditional violin music, virtuous aerial acrobatics and well defined esthetical universes are commonalities between ENT’s performances. Our explorative approaches to materials and sites, are a ground in the philosophical journey that we see art creation as.

We created ENT to share a platform where we can develop, both as humans and artists. Our goal is to combat sexism, idiocy and promote respectful love towards nature.

ENT is a community that encourages and strengthen the members, the artists. When working together we can support and share visions, help each others with structures and create with more effectivity and happiness.

We believe in thinking through doing and all our work are based on collectively performed experiments. We create to express and develop ourselves and through creating spaces where we can be ourselves we can softly push our limits and see what is possible.

When working together developing material we also challenge the notion of a singular artistic mind. The ideas that we form together are owned by us together.