We try to have a humble approach to both our circus and musical technique, where we strive to communicate the meeting between the humans, the objects and the space they are in. What can they do in relation to one another? Can fragillity be a strength? 

We make performances that create space for the audience to linger in and meet themselves. We challenge our audience in a mild and playful manner to see their surroundings and themselves in it with new eyes. 

We are making concerts, circus that moves, circus that teaches, forest circus, room installations, and interventions.

We have a collective way of working with a flat power structure, giving and taking space equally to create. To dare to listen. 

Leading together through listening and sharing has become fundamental to our collective. Finding the courage to let go of expectations and welcome challenges has opened the space to create freely.

What does it mean to lead together? 

We wait, we listen and then we focus our attention to what we really want to do, or perhaps what our colleagues really wants to do? We work together as a group without a clear leader, or more often with a shifting leadership, where one takes the initiative and the others follow. We share some ideals that we have as a common ground and from this we create.

When working we often use a method of actively changing leader, this is a way of ensuring a flexible flat organization but it is also extremely effective, since we try many alternative approaches to different situations. The slowness we get from listening and waiting, tend to form a ground for an interesting complexity and we constantly learn about ourselves and each other.