ENT – sustainability

We want to be part of the contemporary european/global cultural field without harming the planet. Currently that is not possible, but we are doing these five things:

1. Create performances and communicate directly or indirectly about social and ecological sustainability.

2. Use minimum amounts of resources when producing and touring our performances. We always have several versions of the same performance, so we can play with equal artistic quality in big venues with massive lights and speakers or totally raw without any support of high-tech.

3. We carbon offset all activities we are involved in, seeing this as a project cost that is always included in budget and project calculations. We calculate our climate impact and offset the double amount through Gold Standard projects. In this way all our economic activity is climate positive.

4. Wherever we tour we are trying to create local impact by engaging with local artists, community and organisers, learning, connecting and building informal networks accelerating sustainable development.

5. In Nesa i Jorda, we plant a tree for every child who sees the performance. This we do through Plant for the Planet.

6. Knekke Greine protects old growth forest areas similar in size to the area used for the performance. Through the organisation Naturarvet.

6. Aeldre protects an oak for every tree we perform in. Through the organisation Naturarvet.

7. Plast contributes to The Ocean Clean Up. The largest cleanup in history.