Knekke Greine – artistic vision

When we were children, we loved climbing trees and play in the forest. The forest provided us with joy, freedom, and mysteries. We ran with it, rolled in it, climbed in it and made up thousands of stories on our way. When our parents threw us out to play, we went to the forest where our imagination could roam freely. The scenery in itself posed hundreds of stories, and playmates grew out from all the rocks, plants, roots and trees we could find.

As we grew older, we discovered the world of music and circus, which provided us with a lot of the same qualities as the forest. There we refined our play skills, imagination, and physical capacities.

After working on theatre stages, circus halls, tents and concert stages for years, we grew tired of staying inside. We taught it was time to go back to the forest and take the audience with us.

The Audience

We invite the audience to come with us and play in our imaginary world and dive into the forest in a similar way as we did when we were children. This we hope will give a special and deeper relation to the surrounding landscape, where every stone has a value.

We invite the audience to work together as a group and overcome challenges. The forest is filled with natural challenges. For some climbing up a cliff will be as easy as walking up the stairs, for others, it’s a boundary-breaking happening. 

The audience are, in a safe way, actively participating in the circus techniques. They carry a bit of the responsibility of where the show will go on their shoulders.

We don’t have any director, but a common vision. We create through improvisational games and group discussions. The performance can never be static but will be ever changing. We relate to the forest we are surrounded by and the performance will change according to the forest, the weather, the audience and the light. When taking in new artists, the artist is never replacing or copying someone else, but perform and create according to his/her own wishes.


In the project, we carry with us as little material as possible and use what the forest is providing. We use the trees as rigging points and rig only with ropes, which we take care to tie in a way so that it does not hurt the trees. We take care to leave the area without leaving any traces after us. We don’t use any artificial sound and light technique.


The weather is mostly quite cold, rainy and harsh in northern Europe. We learn from young ages that there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing. We will perform all year around unless there are extreme weather conditions. This gives each show a uniqe mood depending on season and weather.


Mythology across the world is filled with forest creatures and myths from the forest. We take great inspiration from all of these and mash them together with popular culture as well as our own imagination. There are probably good reasons for why good stories have survived through the ages, by drawing from traditions we rejoice and frolic in the forest.