Nesa i Jorda – site specific

NESA I JORDA / Nose in the soil also has a stage version, to be played inside in the beautiful lights and calmness of a stage. For stage version read this link.

Site-specific circuswalk in the puzzling world of the forest.

The performance is an interactive adventure in the forest. Inspired by myths, animals and science, we lead the way into an experience with tales of life in the forest, the heights and far below into the deep dark.

Nesa i Jorda is a peculiar experience with playful acrobatic movements and tones of violin revealing the secrets of the forest.

Did you know that the fungus helps the trees to talk with eachother? They connect the whole underground of the forest, like a telephone line! 

Pondering, we explore the fairy-tales from our reality. Two aerial acrobats and a musician climb, dig, balance and plant. Could we possibly be as strong as the ants?

To the violin’s dreamy and playful tones, the acrobats explore the height, the earth and what is underground. What if they could find the beginning of a tree?

By and with: Mari Dahl Stoknes, Love Kjellsson and Karoline Aamås
Music: Love Kjellsson
Produced by: ENT and KompaniTO

Audience: Schools (5-13 years) or families
Duration: 45 minutes
Space: Forest/ park/ garden
Technique: No sound or light technique needed
Max audience: 30 (schools) 40 families
Languages: Swedish, Norwegian or English.