Plast – artistic vision

In Plast we strive to communicate the meeting between the humans, the objects and the space they are in. What can they do in relation to one another? Can fragility be a strength?

We create a space for the audience to linger in and meet themselves. We challenge our audience in a mild and playful manner to see their surroundings and themselves in it with new eyes. 

Through a minimalistic and poetic contemporary-circus expression, we work with moving images that poses big questions. The melting ice is balanced between the bodies in the rope. Waves of plastic appear like the sea on the floor. The grand live music underlines the graveness.

Above the billowing plastic, a person floats, feet gently touching the waves beneath. Hanging from her hair, she slowly floats upwards followed by the plastic seemingly drowning the person underneath. 

Through physical communication, a story, or fragments of many, is told. 

There are no questions or answers given but the unfolding of personal visions, thoughts and reflections. We live in a time when we see our nature change. Do we take care of our nature? Do we remember to take care of each other?

The music, which is an equal part of the project as the circus bodies, is a modern blend of synth, violin and voice. It is strongly inspired and characterized by old Scandinavian music tradition.

Leading together through listening and sharing has become fundamental in the creation of Plast. Finding the courage to let go of expectations and welcome challenges has opened the space to create freely.

We wait, we listen and then we focus our attention to what we really want to do, or perhaps what our partner really wants to do. 

The slowness we get from listening and waiting, tend to form a ground for an interesting complexity.