Cirqus Hialøs

Energetic and epic contemporary circus with very old music.

Based on Hialøsa’s interpretations of Scanian’s very old pop, this music and circus performance moves between the controlled and the chaotic. Halfway into national romanticism, the aesthetic stumbles and the unforeseen takes its place. An authentically old Scanian party takes place, more faithful to tradition than tradition itself has been, physical, emotional and musical possibilities are explored. Cirqus Hialøs drifts between life, dance and death.

Premiere fall 2025.


November 2023 – first residency with working group – research of concept, working methods and dramaturgy.
Artists: Lalla la Cour, Simon Wiborn, Alva Bosdottir, Love Aamås Kjellsson, Andreya Ek Frisk, Karoline Aamås och Malte Zeberg.
Location: Karavan, Malmö.
Supported by: Region Skåne