Collaboration between Johanna Sevä and Love Kjellsson creating modern Sami music. It’s a meeting of two individuals with radically different backgrounds but a common aim of expressing their thoughts and feelings.

Moaivi’s soundscape is a mix of the joik tradition and the Swedish violin tradition with influences from modern pop, rock and ambient music. The meditative atmosphere is inspired by ancient music which aims to put the audience in contact with their feelings.

The music is describing historical events and also comments the modern society and way of life. The compositions is leaving space for improvisation to let the expression of the compositions evolve over time. The music is never constant but played as a reaction or provocation of the moment.

excerpt from school concert
excerpt from concert at Umeå University


On stage: Johanna Sevä & Love Kjellsson

Colleagues/Collaborators: For school concerts: Musik i Syd, Östgötamusiken, Musik i Uppland.

Duration: Depending on venue and event. Normal concert aprox. 45 minutes. School concerts aprox. 30 minutes.

Audience: Everyone. We play concerts at festivals, events and schools.

Space: All spaces suitable for concerts.

Written about Moaivi:

“It sounds both like electronic music and traditional music at the same time. […] There is a playfullness for creating unique sounds, but under the surface there is grave seriousness.” – Lira (Swedish music magazine)

“What does Moaivi’s music sound like? Yes, very calm and mysterious, it is almost quiet even though there is always sounds, full of tiny details, sometimes barely audible, ghastly human voices that speaks and joiks.” -Zero (Swedish music blog)