folk music duo from Skåne in southern Sweden consisting of:
Alva Bosdottir – Fiddle
Malte Zeberg – Double Bass, Mandolin, Tenor Guitar.

Kakalorium – Brolinpolskan

In this duo Alva and Malte explore the deep tradition of southern Swedish traditional dance music by playing with the different roles and registers of their respective instrument, light and dreamy polskas are mixed with raw waltzes where grooves and melodies interlock in a frenzy of dance music. 

Alva Bosdottir is one of few in her generation who has learned the traditional music directly from the older masters in Skåne. Her style is recognized by a powerful dance-drive combined with playful bows yet always rooted. Alva is a dance musician by heart and her violin has been heard at all major folk festivals in Sweden, moving the floors by her own. 

Malte Zeberg has been playing folk and world music for more than 15 years and can today be seen touring with bands such as Floating Sofa Quartet and Trolska Polska. Malte has developed a unique and versatile playstyle on the double bass where influences from both his background as a hardrock musician as well as studies in both classical and world music can be found. 

Links, Contact and Booking:
076-1645313 (Malte Zeberg)