As a first step in this new collaboration we started off combining Aurélie’s movement in the hoop with Hege’s transparent water hoses. Hanging the water hoses over the hoop, they are not “safely rigged” and the movement of each person will instantly affect the other as the equipment are connected. As a starting point a short routine was created where the image of the clean, steel hoop merges with the beautiful, but ever-tangling hoses.

Some research-play we have briefly started, exploring sisterhood, art and humor, social human behaviour and the pure fun that the aesthetics can bring. The simple and somewhat dark, but deep art vs. fun (ky), sexy and fabulous costumes, props and accessories. Where to find the balance or hard cuts between the serious art and the grotesquely fab and funny?

On stage: Hege Eriksdatter Østefjells & Aurélie Bernard
Audience: from 10 years.
Space: Black box or similar, with rigging for aerials

Planned premiere 2021