Contemporary circus intermingled with live music.

The ice that melts while balancing on the bodies in the rope. The use of plastic – it draws our thoughts to melting polar ice – it draws our thought to the changes man has brought upon the land and the oceans.
The epic music underlines the gravity.

Exploring the affect and relation to the object,
the audience and performers.

Duo rope, hair hanging, plastic, ice.
Synthezisers, violin & voice.

Jordi var aud og tom, og det var myrkt!
Men gjenom lange tider vart jordskorpa avkjøld.
Ho la seg i rukkor.
Ho vart endå meir avkjøld, og der la seg nye rukkor. Regnet fall og heimshavi la seg.
Skylagi kvarv.
Det vart ljos, og det vart liv!
Urtidi på jord var tilende.

Plast is an adaption of the knowledge and material that was created during the explorative graduation work of Hege Eriksdatter Østefjells, one of the first to receive a masters degree of contemporary circus, specialised in rope.

The performance is created for touring internationally.

The music which holds an equal part as the performative bodies of circus, is a modern blend of traditional violin, synthesizers and voice. It is strongly inspired by archaic Scandinavian music tradition.

Hege Eriksdatter Østefjells

On stage: Hege Eriksdatter Østefjells, Karoline Aamås, Love Kjellsson

Colleagues/Collaborators: Circus Xanti, Mari Stoknes, Ilona Jäntti (Ilmatila), R.E.D a/s

Duration: 45 mins

Audience: 50-500 depending on space.

Space: Black Box or similar. Can be adjusted to different spaces. Needs rigging points for aerials.