Hialösa is a trio from Scania. Scania is the English name for Skåne, a region which lost its independence about 700 years ago. Currently ruled by Sweden, many people in Scania dream about the golden ages of independence. When the grass was a bit greener and the thoughts free. Scania has a long tradition of agriculture, fishery, science and piracy. The music we play probably comes from the Scanian golden ages 4000 bc -1300 ac. During this time many important monuments where built and a rich culture left unforgettable traces. Famous where the horsepeople of Sösdala and the round pyramid of Bredarör. The Scanian law was an important judicial document which formed the development of later Scandinavian laws. After the famous ”Loshultskuppen” the swedish army massacred every animal that could be eaten and every man that could hold a rifle. This resulted in a decline in the Scanian culture which took many hundreds of years to rebuild. Now the Scanian culture is strong again and humbly offers the world its help.

Malte Zeberg – double bass & vocalshomepage
Probably the first double bass player dangerously deeply enrooted in Scanian traditional music. Famous in central europe as a troll. Works part time digging up old musicians and asking them about very old music. Malte has lived in many parts of Scania and thus has a true Scanian-cosmopolitan perspective on life, which combined with musical studies outside Scania has given him a versatile knowledge about rythm and bass.

Alva Bosdottir – violin & vocals
Keeper of the honorary title as “näcken i Degeberga”, the most presitigous position a scanian fiddler can get. This title forces her to play naked in a river every year the week before midsummer. Alva also plants trees and flowers, trying to turn Malmö into a forest and simultaneusly working to re-establish Hultarp as a center of high-culture, (its close to Sösdala).

Love Kjellsson – vocals & violinhomepage
Exiled from Scania to find work as a snowmobile driver. Later realised that the market for musicians was more lucrative. Now found a part time job as a forest elf touring the forests of Europe. Has spent most of his life searching for knowledge that may not be necessary, but since the climate crisis is a crisis we do not now what type of knowledge might be needed. Love comes from the Eel-coast, the southeastern Scania.

Love, Alva and Malte in traditional clothing
The Scanian Law – Codex Runicus